3 Easy Ways to get the Required CPD Points

Your fair trading builders’ license is the first and foremost government document for professional business activities. Without this sanction, you are not allowed to operate legally in the commercial construction market. So, you need to have the right license before you enter any construction contract.
Further, you must have plans to ensure the license is continued after the term is over. Otherwise, the project might be halted and your reputation can damage severely.
Online CPD courses are the easiest way to get CPD points. But there are a few other things you can do to achieve a high CPD score. Let’s look at the top 3 and how you can use them to get the right points:
How to Get CPD Points for Builders License Renewal?

1. Degrees and Diplomas
f you are still studying, then you can get CPD points from completing degrees or diplomas. You will need to contact the right government body or visit a trusted site like Blueprint CPD and furnish them with your details. The problem with degrees is that they can take up to 2 or more years to complete. So, you cannot always use them for CPD points. Still they can be leveraged for points.

2. Seminars and Conferences
Seminars and conferences are also popular ways of getting some CPD points. You will need to attend or host a number of these in one year to get enough points. However, these are often a good substitute for full fledged CPD courses because they allow for industry networking. You can meet other business owners and expand your knowledge base and skill-set.

3. Research
Although research for a degree counts as study, it can still be done independently. Some construction companies give special grants to employees to conduct research studies. This helps them get additional CPD points when the study is completed and approved by an appropriate body. However, online CPD courses are a better option since they can provide points quickly without needing years of research.

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