3 Things to Remember When Applying For Builders License Renewal

Continued Professional Development is the Australian government’s way of ensuring only the best builder companies operate in the market. CPD points are at the core of getting your builders license renewal done. However, aside from this technical stuff, there are some other bits of information you need to know. Here is a short list of some things which will help you get your license renewal done on time:

3 Factors To Help You Secure Your Fair Trading Builders License Quickly!

1. Timeline
All builders license renewal applications must be made once every 2 years. So, you need to be sure of the timeline and when you are due for it. If you do not know when you need to submit the application, then you may lose the deadline and get your license revoked. Ideally, you should be planning your license renewal well before time. It takes some time to take online CPD courses and gather points through other means.

2. Process
Just knowing when to get your fair trade builders license going done is not enough. You also need to understand how to follow the set process. Mostly, the process for application remains the same. However, it can be changed at any time. So, you need to have the designated company representative check the same and apply accordingly. Ideally, the process should also be known to the executive board of your company.

3. Designation
The best way to get your CPD points up is to designate a company representative. Usually, this is someone in an administrative position. This person should look to get online CPD courses on behalf of your company. The CPD points from the courses can add up to successfully get your license renewal done.  Further, you can also have other events like degrees or seminars which can add CPD points to your application.

Where Can You Get the Best Online CPD Courses for Builders License Renewal in Australia?
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