4 Smart Tips for Builders License Renewal in Australia

Builders License Renewal is an essential part of running a construction business in Australia. Companies are required to earn enough CPD points to get their license renewed once every 2 years. Of course, there are plenty of ways you can get your CPD license renewed.
One of the most common and popular ways are online CPD courses. You can also continue studying or attend seminars to add more CPD points. The combination you take to manage your schedule is the key. Now, here are some great tips to help you score high CPD points for your next builders’ license renewal.

4 Tips to Help Your License for Builders Renewal this Year

1. Keep Online CPD Courses Primary
The quickest and easiest way to rack up CPD points is obviously CPD courses. They should be your primary method. They will also help you display competence in other building areas. So, you can fare better when you want to expand to new domains.  

2. Select a Representative
A company representative is the best person to take online courses for CPD points. They should be the face of your company. An ideal person would be the CEO or chief architect. However, make sure they stay with the company for some years to come.

3. Combine Different CPD Points Sources 
Seminars are a great way to not just earn CPD points but network as well. They can really help you promote your business among industry peers. They do not provide as many points as online CPD courses. However, they are still worth attending and even hosting or sponsoring.

4. Plan Your Builders License Renewal
Whether you are a new builder on the block or an experienced veteran, a license renewal needs planning. You need to make a route map to the renewal process as well as getting the actual license renewed. Hold a few seminars and place a few online CPD courses right before your due date.

Where Can You Find the Best Online CPD Courses for Builders?
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