9 Frequently Asked Questions about CPD Points

The New South Wales Office of Fair Trading requires that all builders and pool builders in New South Wales earn 12 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points a year. It’s part of continuing professional development for builders. If you don’t get these points, you could have your builders licence revoked - meaning you could be trading illegally. Here are nine frequently asked questions about CPD points for builders in New South Wales.

  1. How do I keep records of my CPD coursework?

    The Office of Fair Trading requires you keep a diary of CPD activities. You must also keep receipts (or certificates of completion) if you decide to earn your points through trade nights or via services like Blueprint CPD. With Blueprint CPD once you have completed a module and obtained the CPD Points you can print off certificate of completion. We also keep a record of all CPD Points accrued by each member with our service. This information is saved in their own unique member profile, should you lose your certificate it is ready for you online. It’s important to keep documentation in case you’re audited.

  2. What’s the deadline for CPD?

    You have to complete all your CPD points before the renewal date on your Builders License or Certificate.

  3. How does NSW check I have my points?

    Audits. When you renew your license, you must state you’ve taken your CPD training. The Office of Fair Trading may audit builders by requesting they supply supporting documents and checking with training providers. At Blueprint CPD, we keep accurate records of all your CPD documentation.

  4. What happens if you get caught?

    The Office of Fair trading has the power to cancel a license or certificate and can take disciplinary action based on the Crimes Act 1900. It’s not worth taking the risk - not over building CPD points… especially when they are readily available through Blueprint CPD.

  5. What about part-time builders, builders who are not currently in the business, trainers, and retired or semi-retired builders?

    To keep your license, you must complete CPD. There are no loopholes! On rare occasions, the Office of Fair Trading will issue an exemption - usually due to serious illness or misadventure.

  6. I’m in the middle of nowhere! Do I have to take CPD?

    Yes. You can attend conferences or use a service like Blueprint CPD which provides access to the training online.

  7. I want to use an online service. How do I know they’re legitimate?

    Contact the Office of Fair Trading customer service or go to their website. The service offered by Blueprint CPD is in accordance with the Director-Generals Guidelines for CPD.

  8. Which topics do I have to cover?

    Blueprint CPD keeps up to date with required topics and courses. We make the course work available through our website. You can also visit the website for the NSW Office of Fair Trading for curriculum details.

  9. How does the Office of Fair Trading Choose Topics?

    It’s through a ‘Consultative Reference Group’ that includes industry members. The group recommends topics to the Director-General who makes a final decision about the topics.

If you have additional questions about CPD points, contact us here. We’re happy to help.