BP CPD Subcontractor/ Supplier Tender Evaluation

With the importance of securing the right subcontractors and suppliers to aid the on-time and on-budget delivery of building projects, the requirement to correctly evaluate tenders received is an important and necessary skill.

Selection should be made against well-defined criteria, even though head contractors may have preferred subcontractors with whom they regularly work. However, it is the builder’s responsibility to ensure that all subcontracts awarded are done so in accordance with the terms and conditions of the head contract applied – disputes often evolve between subcontractor and head contractor, and head contractor and builder, due to poor communication and/ or documentation.

Any shortlist of preferred subcontractors will need to be continually assessed for competence and skillset, and new subcontractors should be equally vetted. Testimonials, referrals, and industry association memberships all play a part in this process.

All subcontractors must have received the same paperwork and submit tenders in standard format. If the tender has been given correctly, then evaluation, comparison, and selection should be a straightforward process.

This module introduces the concept of an evaluation template. This allows all relevant details from each tenderer to be compared in tabulated form, with particular attention to categories as follows:

Appreciation of task: does the tenderer understand the requirements and scope of the project, including budget and quality expectations?

Experience: is the subcontractor’s experience relevant and does it demonstrate the ability to service the project?

Personnel: does the subcontractor have the people to carry out the work involved (with relevant experience and qualifications)?

Methodology and price: will the subcontractor’s approach to the work fit with yours, or will the approach taken produce cost savings unavailable from other contractors?

The Subcontractor/ Supplier Tender Evaluation module will enable you as a builder/ head contractor to operate a fair and transparent approach to the evaluation of tenderers and their proposals. This will help mitigate any potential disputes before they arise, and ensure that selected subcontractors will be an aid and not a hindrance to your building project. While this module is geared toward residential building projects, the principles covered in detail can be applied equally to the majority of building projects.

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