Builders License Renewal CPD Points 2020 Guidelines!

As per the guidelines of fair trade 2020, the CPD point’s renewal should be done every year with 10 CPD points minimum to maintain the highest standards of professionalism throughout the year. Individual licensed as a builder under Home Building Act 1989 are required to complete continuing Professional Development (CPD) each year as a condition of builders license renewal.

As REPs member, Blueprint CPD offers an online CPD courses for builders to renew their points. Please note, CPD points are calculated and valid only for 1 year, therefore, we offer permanent membership with our portal, where easy renewal process can be done each year.

Steps and conditions for builder’s license renewal, which are mention as below:

1. What you need?

  • - Your license Number
  • - Your renewal number or full personal details
  • - Your payment slip

2. How to renew

  • - Select the “Renew online” button.
  • - Select “Next” on the portal logged in to Blueprint CPD
  • - Review your details and update before submitting your application.

Following the few easy steps, one can update their CPD points annually with Blueprint CPD.

To know more about builder’s CPD license renewal methods and process, visit our website – Blueprint CPD Today!