Creating a Partnership Approach

For anyone managing a project, it’s imperative to create an understanding and transparent working relationship between all involved parties. Your success depends upon your relationship with the client, builders, and stakeholders.

Creating a Partnership Approach will enable you to foster the relationships to guarantee successful project outcomes. Core components of this course include:

  • Identifying and establishing client objectives for the project
  • Communicating with the client
  • Preparing a program with the client
  • Finance and Legal documentation and approvals

Creating a Partnership Approach enables you to understand your client’s needs and desires, and successfully control the project through design, development, construction, and handover.

By building rapport with the client, and establishing their requirements and current knowledge of the building industry, you’ll better understand how to communicate with them and what additional information they will require throughout the project.

Clients will require clarity of tasks completed and those yet to begin or finish. Builders may be included at any stage of the process and could be asked to become involved with various consultants and work through statutory approvals. When working with a partnership approach, you’ll not only meet more fully with the desires of your client, but also be able to assist in a better understanding of each stage in the entire process.lients will d Grandma tthencommunicate with them and what additional information they will require throughout the project.ship.

A partnership approach will help through each and every stage of a project, and is not dependent upon the stage at which you are employed. The impact of this approach will be felt at each stage of the building process, including:

1.         Design, budgets & feasibilities

2.         Lodgement of the DA approval process

3.         Application for construction certificate (CC) process

4.         Finance application & loans

5.         Preparation of working drawings & specifications

6.         Site works

Whether you’re a large or small organisation, your success will be positively impacted by your relationships with your clients, builders, contractors, and other stakeholders. Honing your ability in this area, and understanding how a partnership approach is key in each process stage are important components of your long term success. Blueprint CPD can assist by allowing you to gain CPD points by confirming your expertise in this important business strategy.