Hassle free guide on acquiring CPD Points on Blueprintcpd.com.au

BlueprintCPD makes getting your CPD points hassle free, convenient and cheap whilst being all in accordance with the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading. Here is a quick walkthrough on getting started.
1. Register and log in: Upon registration each user will get their own unique user account to log into your account. Once logged in you will be taken to a welcoming page, here you can see your current CPD Status (modules selected and completed). You can also see your history of purchases here as well.

2. Getting started in your work station:  In the ‘library’ section of the workstation you can see all the modules provided by Blueprintcpd in convenient categories. Every module has been signed by the office of Fair Trading. Select a module to move it to your ‘selected modules’ tab.

3. Managing and completing modules: Move to the ‘selected modules’ section of the workstation to see all the modules selected from the ‘library’ section. In this tab you can either

(a) Unselect a Module
(b) Download and read the module
(c) Take the Quiz
The quiz is an online model multiple choice quiz which will automatically mark your responses. If you get any questions wrong you’re required to go back review and answer again, once all the questions are completed correctly you have attained you CPD points for that module
4. Acquiring your Certificate: Move to the ‘completed modules’ section of the workstation to either print or email the certificate of all your completed modules
Get ready to take your CPD points with Blueprint CPD !  Learn more about our CPD Points process at Blueprint CPD