How to Renew Your Fair Trading Builders License in 2019?

Builders’ license renewal is very crucial for construction companies in Australia. You need to get your CPD points high enough to renew your license. Otherwise, you will lose the government support and might have to put your projects on hold. If you are getting your fair trading builders license renewed for the first time this year, the following steps will help you.

3 Steps to Getting Your Builders License Renewal in 2019

1. Find Online CPD Courses

The first step of the process involves you finding a quality online CPD courses platform. This is more difficult than you might think. There are many websites offering online courses for CPD points. Choosing the right one is challenging because you need the find the right courses. Look through the courses offered by trusted platforms like Blueprint CPD and find the ones you want to take. Also, ensure they have the right government approvals.

2.  Make Your Exam Calendar

Once you have identified your platform, you need to create an exam calendar. This is where you need to set your exams as per your renewal dates. Remember that you need to provide enough space between examinations to prepare. You also need enough space between all the exams and your results to get the CPD points and file for renewal. Take professional help if this is your first time.

3.  Apply for Builders License Renewal

Once you have completed your online CPD courses, you will have access to the results. You should file for your builders license renewal immediately. You should gather your CPD points and make the application formally. Be sure to include a few more days over the average processing time.
Moreover, any additional documents including points gathered from seminars and workshops or degrees should be included as well. For degrees still in the working, you should follow the relevant procedure mentioned on the Australian Builders License Renewal web page.

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