Importance of legitimacy provided in your builder’s license renewal

When completing one of your online courses for CPD points it is absolutely essential that the Fair Trading guidelines (2020) are being followed without any fraudulence. As CPD points are calculated and valid for only one year completing this course is a reoccurring task, being an absolutely vital process for a builder which needs to be completed correctly each year.

Why is this so important? Well Fair Trading are able to take action against a builder or pool builder who misrepresents the CPD points on their builders license renewal. As it is a criminal offence under the Crimes Act 1900 to apply with fraudulence for your license or certificate (this includes making false or misleading statements) Fair Trading can make disciplinary action, severely hindering a workers future in their career. Hence, the truth is all you need to provide in your application for a builders license renewal as it’s not worth it in the slightest to risk lying possibly lose your job.

Additionally, we at Blueprint CPD have guidelines we are also required to follow according to the Home Building Act 1989 provided by Fair Training. We promise complete accordance with these guidelines from the NSW Government. So complete an online CPD course today to get back to work quickly, conveniently, cheaply and most importantly legitimately.