Learn how to maintain your CPD Points?

The continuing professional development (CPD) is important for any professional builder in NSW state.  And CPD Points has to be renewed annually, all licence and certificate of registration holders should be within NSW state only.

What Record should every builder keep
NSW have a recognized licence for builders for which each Builder has to meet CPD Obligations, including documentation proof to maintain their CPD points, whether they are taking Online CPD Courses or any face to face classroom program.

Any builders CPD Licence may be audited by Fair Trading annually, or as part of the builders licence renewal process. Fair trading will send warning letters to any licence who fails to address the CPD questions which any builder should keep in their records, but if any licensee who knowingly misrepresents their compliance with CPD will have action taken against their CPD License.

Blueprintcpd are professional partners with Fair Trading and help to keep your CPD points records for your renewal process. The Online CPD Courses provided by Blueprint CPD are easy to understand and take less time as well. For more information, Visit Blueprint CPD or watch out our tutorial.