Managing the Business Side of Your Construction Business

Builders get into the building business for several reasons. And if you’re like thousands of builders in New South Wales, you get a great deal of personal satisfaction from creating something tangible out of a pile of building materials. There’s a satisfaction that comes from getting up, going to the job site, getting things organized, being entrepreneurial, and building a house that’s going to be a home…or a building where a business becomes successful.

BUT…the business side of being a builder can be difficult and stressful. Here’s a brief list of the ‘stressors’ builders can face.

• Difficult customers
• Slow pay
• Keeping a steady stream of work
• Tax compliance
• Unreliable subcontractors
• Unexpected headaches
• Legal and environmental issues
• Accounting
• Bidding on projects

The hard hat is just one of the many hats you have to wear. And, on top of everything, the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading requires that all builders take Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points to keep their license current. And in Australia, New South Wales is the only state to require that builders take CPD points. And so you may be thinking, “I’ve already got enough to be getting on with…why do I have to keep up with all these exams, courses, and other palaver?”

This sentiment is understandable but consider the following.

1. The CPD points requirement helps to keep ‘fly-by-night’ builders out of the industry.
2. To their credit, the NWS Office of Fair Trading has worked hard to include and involve builders in the program and the exams.
3. The coursework will help you run the business side of your business more effectively and give you more time to enjoy the parts of the job you really enjoy.
4. Through the coursework, you’ll learn about everything from work breakdown structure to scope management and from programming your project to tendering and procurement.
5. Yes—it takes a little time to get the points but the information in the training modules can help you run your business more effectively and more efficiently.

Until recently, getting CDP points took hours—days even if you lived outside a city or major town. This made getting CPD points expensive.
Thankfully, due to services like Blueprint CPD getting CPD points is significantly easier and it’s also more enjoyable. You can earn your points in your home or office and we guarantee that you pass.
And here’s what David, a licensed builder from Riverstone, wrote about Blueprint CPD.

“Congratulations. Blueprint CPD is a great website. I even learned some new stuff. The project management templates are also very useful.”

We often discover that builders in New South Wales have misconceptions about getting their CPD points. These misconceptions can be easily and quickly cleared up. And remember, the education for CPD points is there to help you enjoy being in the building business.