Programming Your Project - At A Glance

Scheduling tasks and resources for the smooth running of a project, can be an arduous job even on the smallest of sites. Having a program detailing basic timelines is an excellent tool to have at your disposal. One simple benefit is to flag milestones as a reminder for statutory inspections. Below are some points for consideration.


Preparing a Project Program

Setting out a program with all the major trades in a simple table format from the outset can give clarity and also assist in the scheduling of the construction. A simple and effective model for preparing a program is to breakdown the project into a handful of key tasks with the following considerations;


to establish the project’s objectives

to plan the project

to organise and schedule the team

to monitor and adjust.


Create A Checklist

The major benefits of planning and scheduling is that it allows time in advance to deal with procurement of trades, suppliers and to address potential challenges before they arise. Having a simple checklist also promotes better communication between all parties. Listing activities for each category of work that can be ticked off as tasks are completed is a simple tool and gather a lot of information quickly.


Checklists will Demonstrate:

 When to prepare for the following trades and activities.

 When to schedule and co-ordinate tradespeople and link activities.

 When to identify and schedule required tasks, well in advance.

 When to order and schedule deliveries.

 What needs to be completed, before another activity can commence.

 How to co-ordinate trades when working together.


The module Blueprint CPD module Programming Your Project counts towards your CPD points requirement for your builders license.