Site Establishment

Effective site layout has an understated effect on workforce morale, and directly flows through to site productivity. On top of this, a well-designed and properly maintained site is rewarded by client recognition of professional management and high quality work.

This course examines key areas of site establishment, including:

  • Site access
  • Handling of materials
  • Use of plant and equipment
  • Temporary structures
  • Legal, health and safety issues

Maintaining a professional and effective site will enable you to operate smoothly within the confines of the law and at the same time ensure your site offers safe working conditions.

We look closely at the interaction of labour, equipment, and productivity and how that impacts on time and costs.

You’ll walk through the planning of site access, and how your effectiveness in providing proper access required by the types of vehicle that will use it will affect your organisation’s efficiency. Of course, you shouldn’t forget that access roads are both internal and external, with different constraints placed upon each.

The safety of workers and visiting personnel is paramount, including systems and processes for monitoring entry and access. These are essential to meet legal OH&S requirements, and the use of technology is constantly increasing to help deal with this process.

Materials should be easily accessible by the subcontractor, aiding the rapid completion of work. Site establishment includes not only the layout of the site, but also the use of materials and labour. For example:

  • materials should be moved around the site by the lowest paid member of the site team
  • materials should be delivered as close to point of need as possible
  • deliveries to the site should be undertaken by delivery staff

Site establishment also necessitates the planning of a site in accordance with plant needs, and, of course, during construction the use of appropriate plant for the site and its boundaries. The use of the three categories of construction plant will directly impact effectiveness:

  • Linear plant
  • Two dimensional plant
  • Three dimensional plant

When using temporary site structures and temporary works, which will be a significant part of the tender sum in relation to the overall price submitted, you’ll need to undertake a full study of the temporary works involved. Failing to do so will lead to under-pricing and a reduction in profitability. This may in itself cause short cuts to be taken as site management try to cut costs – such short cuts may lead to challenging commercial and legal issues.

Successful site establishment will achieve a number of business strategic targets:

  • Increased morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced time on site
  • Adherence to OH&S regulations

Gaining Blueprint CPD points enhances your ability and capability, proving your professionalism and helping to establish good, profitable working practices. CPD points gained will differentiate you from your competitors, and are evidence of the quality work you and your firm will provide to clients.