When do you need a Builders licence?

This question is very common among all people those who are interested in becoming a builders for construction of both residential and commercial property.  Builders Licence is the required qualification for builder’s to start with building projects in this profession.

Especially in NSW, if you want to be a professional Builder or a trade person you must have a licence or be registered. Before you apply for your licence or registration you will need to gain a combination of experience, technical qualifications, skills and knowledge.  There are many training options available in NSW state for getting licence. There are various online CPD Course are available by various providers across the country. Mainly each online CPD course is consisting of workshops that offer the latest industry based workshop that help increase your skills and knowledge.

Moreover, it is important to remember that to get your residential builders licence in NSW; you will also need to gain at least 24 months of experience as or in builder’s profession. There are different type of licence are available in NSW depending upon what you need as builders. But in general cases of builders licence CPD Points are required by all to prove their certification as a builder.

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