Online CPD Points For NSW Builders

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BlueprintCPD Points are delivered with the strictest adherence to the NSW Fair Trading’s for Delivering CPD Points and have done so since 2010. Our CPD course is prepared in accordance with “Category 1” of The Director Generals Guidelines for Delivering CPD Points.

We assist builders who need get their CPD Points quickly and renew their licence. Our online CPD Transfer Method is seamless, cost effective and is 100% NSW Fair Trading compliant. Get your CPD Points using a phone, tablet or desktop.

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What Are CPD Points?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. Under NSW law, all builders and pool builders are required to do 12 points worth of CPD activity per year to maintain a valid building licence. Other states, such as Victoria, recognise the ongoing training and CPD points earned with Blueprint CPD.

The purpose of CPD training isn't to earn points. It's to help you stay informed, up-to-date, skilled and knowledgeable about new developments in the building industry. The CPD online course delivered by Blueprint CPD is in accordance with NSW Governments Office of Fair Trading Director-Generals Guidelines for CPD.

Considerations in Continuing Professional Development for Builders

Builders are often busy managing their business and the business of managing projects. The added burden to statutory reporting and compliance can be of significant impact on your time. We started offering online CPD courses for builders in 2010 and have helped 100’s of builders attain their required CPD points.

Under NSW law, all licenced builders and pool builders need to earn a minimum of 12 builders CPD points per year since their last builders licence renewal. Our CPD training for builders offers a quick and easy platform for builders to get and stay compliant. Our online CPD courses are specifically designed to serve builders and be the go to get CPD for builders and is also a relevant CPD for construction owners.

BlueprintCPD offers CPD Points for NSW Builders Online and is the trusted CPD builders service since 2010. The NSW Office of Fair Trading has recognised Blueprint CPD points since 2010. The courses offered by Blueprint CPD for NSW builders is relevant, contemporary and has real life applications.

We are one of the first in NSW to offer CPD for NSW Builders Online and many of our clients since 2010 have stayed with us and have continued to use our CPD for Builders Online service, so that they stay compliant and get their builders licence renewals. Our online courses for CPD points are also used by builders in Victoria seeking builders CPD online.