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It’s So Simple to Use
Here’s A “How it Works” Video

BlueprintCPD delivers CPD Points in accordance with the NSW Office of Fair Trading, Director General’s Guidelines for Delivering CPD Points “Category 1”.

Our online CPD Transfer Method is fully automated and interactive. And can be done on mobile phones, tablets & desktops. In fact, any place you have access to the internet you can get your BlueprintCPD Points.

Imagine not having to take time off from paid work to attend seminars. You can get your CPD Points, at the office, at home, on a break or during some free time between meetings

Client Feedback 4.7 (275)

“Easy to access and courses can be completed any time that suits me instead of having to go to a location at a set time (usually in working hours) to acquire points when they are needed!”

- Robert

“Was a bit daunting for an old fella at first, but we had good help from John which made things easier”

- Paul

“The Blueprint CPD delivery is probably the least clunkiest of online CPD courses I have experienced. Happy to rely on them for my CPD requirements, and even more so if the portability promised is delivered.”

- Trevor

“Everything is straight forward and easy to follow. Cost of courses are reasonable and payment method works well for me.”

- Peter

“One of the best attributes is being able to use it on the mobile phone.”

- Anthony

“Being a busy builder its very convenient to do CPD points when its convenient to me.”

- Phillip

“l like the idea of being able to access all the relvent info and working from home”

- Robert

Our online CPD Transfer Method is that simple to use, it even assists and guides you every step of the way. We have a “How it Works” video. And should you have any questions or require any further support, you can always contact us by email or call John on 1300 085 900.

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Stop & Start at Anytime.

If for any reason your attention is required elsewhere. Our system will keep track of where you jumped off and upon login it will simply take you back to where you last were.

Real Life Modules.

The information in our modules are contemporary, relevant and ready to be used in real life building industry situations. You can even save our modules on multiple devices for easy access and reference. Take a look at our CPD Library.

Certificate of Completion

Once completed you can print or email yourself a certificate of CPD Points attained. BlueprintCPD Points are recognised by the NSW Office of Fair Trading and have been since 2010.

Have “peace of mind” you’re now compliant and should the Office of Fair Trading ever request proof. You can send them your own personal certificate generated from our website.

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We Know Doing Your CPD Points is a Hassle

For many NSW Builders having to do their mandatory CPD Points is a hassle as is often seen an added burden to their already busy work schedule…. We know this because they have told us so.

We believe, that our online BlueprintCPD Transfer Method gives you a choice for “a path of least resistance.” And it will deliver you CPD Points within minutes of signup.

Here’s the Offer

For first time users, your either fully satisfied with our online CPD Transfer Method and its ease of use… Or contact us within 4 days of registration and we will refund you 100% the purchase price….

And ….… You get to keep 4 CPD Points Free

What that means is this;

  • Signup or register
  • Use (or Trial) our CPD Transfer Method
  • And if for any reason you change your mind
  • Reply by email & we will refund you the full purchase price (100% Money Back Guarantee)
  • For any price point or bundled package
  • And…… You get to keep your first 4 CPD Points free

BlueprintCPD Bundles

Based on a similar CPD packages that’s somewhere between $80 to $150 saving or a 20% to 30% reduction in price.

Client Feedback 4.7 (275)

To take advantage of this offer while it lasts, click on the “green” button below you’ll be directed to a secured registration page. And within minutes of registration, you start earning you CPD Points.

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"Very likely, was a bit daunting for an old fella at first but we had good help
from John which made things easier. A big 10 "Paul: Goulburn

Kind Regards,

John Makdessi