Are you working on a Class 2 Building? Make sure you have the necessary CPD points

We all know every NSW builder is expected to maintain a certain number of CPD points to keep a valid builder's licence. These qualifications have been outlined and covered in our previous blog here.

Please note, that your CPD points to maintain your Building Practitioners Registration differs from your standard Builders Licence CPD Points.

For all your normal builders licence CPD Points, you can receive them via BlueprintCPD here.

For CPD Points for builders who are Registered Building Practitioners please read on.

CPD Points for Registered Building Practitioners

Design and Building Practitioners must complete at least three CPD hours each year. Written records, such as certificates of completion or records of attendance, should be kept as evidence in case of inspection.

For more information on where to attain your CPD Points for Building Practitioners please visit Fair Trading “Guidelines for Practitioners%rdquo; here.

From 1st July 2021, new requirements for Class 2 buildings were announced under the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020.

The new rules mean building work can only start when all ‘regulated designs’ have been declared for compliance with standards and lodged online via the NSW Planning Portal.

The transitional period allowed to get all the principal practitioners registered ended on 1st July 2022.

For principal practitioners to maintain their building licence and work on Class 2 buildings, they will have to undergo a series of professional and other technical qualifications.

How to maintain your registration

Once registered, Design and Building Practitioners have new obligations to maintain their registration.

This new registration scheme is part of a reform program to restore confidence in the residential construction industry and make sure that apartments being built are trustworthy.

These new obligations are:

  • Code of practice
  • CPD
  • Record keeping
  • Insurance

Record Keeping and Insurance

Design and Building Practitioners must complete the necessary CPD points each year.

Written records, such as certificates of completion or records of attendance, should be kept as evidence in case of inspection.

You’ll need to keep these records in a form that can be easily accessible for inspection for at least 10 years, even if you retire or stop being a registered practitioner.

Mandatory insurance requirements started on the 1st July 2022.

For more information, visit Fair trading’s FAQ page here.

  • General Building Licence - All Builders must maintain CPD Points are required as per the NSW Building Commissioners Guidelines for CPD Points (As provided by Blueprint CPD)
  • Builders Registered As Design & Building Practitioners Class 2 buildings - You must have CPD training specific for this particular class of builder.