Here are some of the questions that we're often asked and their answers. If you can't see your question here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What is the Office of Fair Trading Requirements

Please visit the Office of Fair Trading website relating to Builders’ CPD.

Who has to do CPD?

If you hold a building or pool building licence in NSW as an individual, you are required to do CPD.

Under which category does BlueprintCPD deliver?

Learning Category 1:

As set out in the Office of Fair Trading Director General’s Guide for Delivering CPD.

An activity with an identifiable learning outcome. The training must be delivered by interactive training such as CD-Rom, workshop, web-based tool, forums or conference presentation.

Is BlueprintCPD an RTO or similar?

No we are not, are not required to be just as long we deliver CPD courses in accordance with the Director General Guidelines for Delivering CPD. For more information regarding this please visit the Office of Fair Trading website.

I don't work in the industry at present but still want to keep my licence. Do I need to do CPD?

Yes, if you want to keep your licence you must do CPD.

What if I'm retired?

So long as you want to keep your licence or certificate, you must do CPD.

Are there exceptions to CPD?

Yes, the Commissioner's Guidelines allow exemptions in extenuating circumstances. Each case is assessed on its own merits. The circumstances for granting exemptions are limited and in most cases relate to serious illness or misadventure.

What records should I keep?

You must keep a diary record of your CPD activities, along with evidence whenever possible, such as a certificate, academic or attendance record or a receipt if you purchase or hire learning resources.

How do I prove I have attended a training session or CPD activity?

The training provider or organiser should provide a standard record of attendance document. You should also keep a note of the details of the session in your CPD diary. In addition, documents such as a Statement of Attainment or Certificate issued by a registered training organisation are also relevant.

How will Fair Trading know that I have completed my CPD points?

Fair Trading assumes that the claims made on the statement in your licence or certificate of registration renewal are true. Fair Trading audits these claims by the following methods:

  • Requesting that you supply your supporting documents, receipts, academic transcripts etc
  • Cross checking this information with training providers.
  • Audits are conducted on both a regular and random basis.

What about watching a training video/DVD? How do I prove I have been spending my time on a CPD activity?

You should make a diary record of the name of the video/DVD, the subject matter, the length and the date you watched it.

Does Fair Trading keep a register with information about my CPD points?

No. It is your responsibility to keep records of your CPD. These should be retained for three licence renewal periods.

What is the actual date I must have all my CPD completed by?

You must complete all CPD requirements by the renewal date of your licence or certificate.

Will my licence be renewed even if I haven't earned all my points?

The Home Building Act states that CPD must be completed before an application for renewal or restoration of a licence or certificate can be accepted. If you do not comply with the CPD requirements Fair Trading may reject your application until you have completed the points. You need to provide Fair Trading with reasons setting out why you have not met the CPD requirements. If there are special circumstances you should apply for an exemption.

What action will Fair Trading take against a builder or pool builder who misrepresents CPD points on their renewal

Fair Trading may cancel a licence or certificate. In certain circumstances disciplinary action can also be taken. It is a criminal offence under the Crimes Act 1900 to deliberately make a false or misleading statement on your application for renewal or restoration of your licence or certificate.

I live in a regional area where there are no CPD courses on offer. Can I be exempt from CPD?

No. There are a range of other types of learning activities that can count towards your CPD points, in addition to traditional face-to-face training courses. These include, attending conferences, forums and workshops, on-the-job training, web based training and watching videos/DVDs. Some registered training providers offer regional CPD courses and various industry bodies and training providers provide training via flexible delivery (correspondence/web/CD-Rom etc). Blueprint CPD Online is ideal as you can earn points anywhere so long as you have internet access.

I run a small building business and don't have much time to attend courses. What do I do about CPD?

The CPD requirements are very flexible and allow a wide range of learning activities besides training courses, to count towards CPD points. For example, on-the-job learning, attending conferences and seminars, watching training videos and on-line learning can all count as CPD. The special needs of the industry were taken into consideration when the Commissioner's Guidelines were developed. Blueprint CPD Online is ideal as you can earn points at a time and place that is convenient to you - all you need is a computer with internet access.

I have a disability and cannot attend training courses. How can I complete my CPD requirements?

You can participate in other learning activities besides face-to-face training to gain your CPD points, such as web-based learning, watching videos/DVDs and correspondence courses.

How do I register with BlueprintCPD and CPD earn points?

It's easy to register, just click here or on the Registration: New Member button above. Simply select the package you want (ie 6, 12 or 36 CPD Points) and fill in your details on the registration page, then enter your credit card details. Once your payment has been approved you will receive an email confirming your purchase and confirmation order with tax invoice.

How many CPD points can I earn for each Blueprint CPD Online module?

You will earn 2 CPD points for each module, the number of CPD Points for each module is indicated next to the module description.

Are the CPD modules easy to follow and understand?

Absolutely. The CPD modules are in an easy to follow format and have been prepared by a someone with a civil engineering, project management background and builder licence holder since 1987. There are a vast range of topics to choose from that contain valuable information and in accordance with the categories stipulated by the Office of fair Trading. Some of the modules will provide project management tools, forms and processes applicable to the real-life situations and will greatly assist builders.

Are there any quizzes or assessments with the modules on Blueprint CPD Online?

Yes. We are required to do as per the Directors General Guidelines for delivering CPD. Once the selected module has been downloaded and read the user is then asked to undertake a multiple-choice quiz (a, b, c or d), it’s all done online. The quiz is self-correcting, so if you get a question wrong you are asked to go back and attempt again.

What happens after I finish the quiz for a CPD module?

After you have completed each quiz for the specific CPD module, you will be notified of the CPD points earned for that quiz and will be included with your CPD Status with us. You will then be able to print off a certificate that shows your CPD points earned for that year. This information is accessible once you are logged in. You will be able to print or email yourself a certificate listing the modules name, code number, the points attained and the date of attainment. Should you ever lose you certificate you can always login later and gain access to that information

What CPD records should I keep?

Once you become a member and purchase CPD modules, you can log in anytime and print out your CPD Points completed certificate. You can keep a copy of this report for your records. This information can also be accessed from the web site at anytime, so long as you are a member and have access to a computer with internet. We will also keep a record for you.

Do I need a user name or password?

Yes - when you register and purchase CPD modules. The good news is that your username is your email address and you set your own password. And if for some reason you forget your password, don't worry - your password is easily retrieved and sent to your email address.

How secure are my credit card details?

We have implemented technology to ensure that only we have access to your personal details and no-one else. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure safe transmission of your details. With SSL, your credit card details are encrypted (or scrambled) and then transmitted securely to our web server, ensuring no unauthorised access.

We utilise eWay which is a secured financial transaction gateway and never get to see your credit card details.

We believe that your online purchase with Blueprint CPD it's actually safer than traditional credit card purchases (where another person can write down your card number) because your credit card details are automatically scrambled and can only be de-scrambled by an authorised computer.

Our site uses the up to date technology to protect your credit card details, so you can be assured that and you can purchase online with security. We also take the security of your personal information very seriously. We do not share your personal information with any other person or organisation without your prior approval.

How many CPD points can I purchase?

You can purchase either 6, 12 or 36 modules, with each module earning you 2 CPD points.