About BlueprintCPD

BlueprintCPD is a registered business name of Meridian Project Consulting Pty Ltd.

BlueprintCPD takes the hassle out of getting your CPD points:

  • Quick: Our online “self-correct” the process means you can receive CPD points within minutes.
  • Convenient: Earn CPD points, whenever and wherever you have access to the Internet.
  • No Risk Guarantee: 100% Money Back Guarantee & Keep 6 CPD Points.
  • No Red Tape: We handle all the required record-keeping for you.

Company Background

Since 1993, Meridian Project Consulting Pty Ltd ("MPC") has provided project consulting services to private and government bodies alike. Primarily, in the field of residential construction and property development.

As a licensed builder myself, when finding out I had to do CPD Points to maintain my license I quickly came to realise that there was not an easy, convenient and cost-effective way to earn CPD points, without having to take time off work &/or attend costly seminars. To which the idea came to me of providing a CPD service for NSW builders that was easy to access and with a seamless online platform. To which BlueprintCPD was born.

Building Checklist

In 1996, MPC published the Building Checklist, a book primarily produced to promote transparency between stakeholders in the residential building process.

Owner Builder Certificates

In 2005, MPC was certified by the NSW State Government Office of Fair Trading to run online Owner Builder Courses for NSW residents.