BlueprintCPD is a registered business of Meridian Project Consulting Pty Ltd. The website was formerly known and operated as CPD For Builders Online.

BlueprintCPD takes the hassle out of getting your CPD points:

  • Quick: our online platform streamlines the process - no travel time or extended study required.
  • Convenient: earn CPD points, wherever you have access to a desktop, tablet or mobile phone and access to the Internet.
  • Cost-effective: Get 6 points for only $110, 12 points for $200, or 36 points for $480.
  • No red tape: we handle all the required record-keeping for you.

Company Background

Since 1993, Meridian Project Consulting Pty Ltd ("MPC") has provided both project management and client representative services to private and government enterprise. Primarily, in the field of residential construction and property development. And as licensed builders ourselves, when finding out we had to do CPD points to maintain our license status we came to realise that there was no real convenient and cost-effective way to earn CPD points, without having to take time off work and/or attend costly seminars. As of which, BlueprintCPD was born.

Building Checklist

In 1996, MPC published the Building Checklist, a book primarily produced to promote transparency between stakeholders in the building process. It is available for purchase online at Building Your Home.

Owner Builder Certificates

In 2005, MPC was approved by the NSW State Government Office of Fair Trading (OFT) to present Owner Builder Courses in Sydney. Since June 2008, this course has been offered online via Homeone.