Why are CPD Points Important? – Benefits to Builders

NSW  law requires that all builders perform at least 12 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points worth of activity every single year in order to keep their business licence valid. Why is this? Because the government wants to make sure that those who work in the building industry are doing what's required to keep themselves up-to-date on any and all new developments taking place in this particular field of work.

CPD points are earned by taking part in formal activities, such as vocational training and structured on-the-job training, as well as hands-on activities, which includes lecturing and discussion groups.

Why CPD Points are Important

Earning CPD points is important not only because it's required to keep one's business licence, there's a wealth of information and knowledge to be had. This new and helpful information is going to assist any business in furthering their company. Essentially, when other people find out that a business has invested in CPD, they are going to know that this is indeed a professional company who is doing their part in keeping up with important developments in the building industry.

Benefits to Builders

There are many benefits when it comes to earning CPD points, with the following some of the more prominent reasons why CPD points are so beneficial:

  • Increase in Abilities and Skills - Since workers are going to be current on any new industry-related information, they'll have the knowledge they need to do the absolute best job possible. This new knowledge helps to eliminate poor work performances, as well as reduce any health and safety risks associated with the job.
  • Increased Quality Output - Since workers are learning all the newest techniques that are available in their field, they are able to perform their job in a much more professional manner. This means a higher quality product and/or service, which helps to build a better reputation for the industry.
  • More Satisfied Customers - Since workers are receiving training on the latest updates in their line of work, they are going to have the knowledge and skills to be the absolute best. Most clients tend to look for the best in this world of high competition.
  • Career Development Learning new skills gives workers more options when it comes to their careers. This equals more opportunities for promotions, and even the ability to start their very own business one day.

Bottom Line

CPD can include a number of ways to learn, including but not limited to work experience, open learning, private study, and more. While these can be useful options, online CPD training was recently launched and offers more flexibility, affordability, and often more topics. This makes it a really good idea to check out all the possible ways one can learn in order to see which ones are going to best suit a particular company.