3 Key Benefits of Timely Builder’s License Renewal

The NSW law mandates that all professional construction companies renew their builder’s license every 2 years. Regular builders’ license renewal is necessary to ensure their services meet high quality standards as set by the responsible agencies. There are several major benefits you get from having the builders’ license renewal done before your deadline. Here’s a short list of some of the prominent ones:

3 Essential Advantages You Get from Builder’s License Renewal

1. Continued Professional Development

The first and foremost benefit your business gets from timely license renewal is of regular growth. By taking up to date online CPD courses, you can get the benefit of expanding your business options. Also, you can expand in specific areas like employee management or financial service procurement. This can help expand your business significantly by opening up new avenues in either existent and emerging markets or industry sub-domains.

2. License Renewal

Builder’s license renewal at its core is all about ensuring you have government approval on all projects. If you lose government approval, then you cannot officially work on a project. Whether public or private, this will create legal problems and make you spend money needlessly. So, it’s best to sort the legal requirements out clearly and ensure your projects are not hindered because of them.

3. Network Growth

Aside from online CPD courses, there are many other ways you can gain CPD points. All of these will increase your ability to network with other companies and professionals. This is useful for hosting successful seminars and collaborative projects. It is quite common for companies to work out joint projects through CPD seminars and workshops. So, this is another way of getting your CPD point requirements can be used to benefit your business.

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