What are the compulsory topics for CPD points for builders?

The Continuing Professional Development – Broad learning Areas for Builders must relate to at least one of the learning areas set out in this document. These broad learning areas may base on various other factors, with different learning methods of broad learning and compulsory topics for CPD Points.

To renew CPD Points the licensee or certificate holder must complete 12 points of CPD which cover subject matters specified by the secretary. These learning areas and topics will be reviewed every year.
Some of the informal informative pints may include are
• Personal study
• Attendance at: talks, presentations, design workshops, lectures conferences and seminars run by the institute, members of the external provider network and other organisations
• Structured visits and tours
• Self-directed study of Acumen entries
• Writing for professional journals
• Mentoring programs and school presentations
• Participation in professional committees, advisory groups related to government bodies or regulatory authorities
• Institute activities such as: committees, working groups, award juries and visiting panels to architecture schools of Builders CPD Points

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